You represent an intriguing combination of a slightly chaotic nature and excitement about unexpectedness with a strong favor for order and efficiency.

Hugh Pidgeon

Susanne Pecher Consulting

How can organizations sustainably achieve their strategic and operational goals in a constantly changing economic and social environment? How is a gridlocked or paradox situation to be resolved? How does a team steer a project through the jungle of unexpected events toward success? How does leadership manage target-oriented cooperation within complex networks?

It is a pleasure that we are concerned with similar questions, and this is to give you a brief overview how we can work on your issues.

For 20 years I have provided consulting services on complex processes in the fields of project management, teamwork and organizational change. It is my objective that people recognize challenges with clarity and meet them with confidence. I support your company with consulting, moderation and training services for team development and change management. My consulting approach is participation-oriented, effective and based on the strengths of your company.